{Last Minute Gift Guide} 5 Places To Go –> 5 Days to Christmas

{Last Minute Gift Guide} 5 Places To Go –> 5 Days to Christmas

{Last Minute Gift Guide} 5 Places To Go 5 Days to Christmas
5 Places to Go

If you’re a last minute shopper you probably have no idea what you’re going to buy for your family member or your friend. Here are some suggestions of stores to check out when you don’t know where to start and you’ve waited until the last minute

Book stores: Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million

These stores carry not only books but magazines, toys, movies and television shows. Even if you don’t know what authors or genres a person reads there are lots of options. Do they like to cook or want to learn? Check out the cookbooks. Ditto with travel, crafts and hobbies, history, fitness, and every other interest you can imagine. You can also combine a book or magazine with a gift or gift card for a chef, crafter, gamer, etc.

Discount stores: TJMaxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods

These discount stores are perfect for last minute shopping and great places to shop regardless of your budget. You’ll be able to find something whether you have $10 to spend or $100+.

These stores are also places where you can find something to combine with a gift card for a little bit more thoughtful present. You can find a coffee or tea mug to combine with a gift card to your favorite coffee shop, or a set of wine glasses to go with a nice bottle of wine. 

(If you have small businesses and locally owned stores shop there first!)

Do you have a last minute shopping story? What suggestions do you have for last minute shoppers?

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