{Beauty – Makeup} Natural Winter Makeup Tutorials & Tips

{Beauty – Makeup} Natural Winter Makeup Tutorials & Tips To Protect Your Skin

Natural Winter Makeup Tutorials and Tips to protect your skin
Just like you adjust your wardrobe for colder weather you should adjust your makeup and skincare routine for winter weather.

Winter air is hard on the skin. It’s typically drier and can leave you with irritated skin. Allure has a series of articles about how to protect your skin during the long winter months.

The Best Winter Makeup Tips for Glowing Skin, According to Experts

8 Foundation Tips From Pro Makeup Artists for Dry, Winter Skin – Tip #1 will blow you away. I certainly never thought about it.

The Winter Skin-Care Swaps Allure Editors Always Make – If you suffer from chapped lips check out Jennifer Yee’s 3 Product Regimen

Two awesome tutorials to give you the perfect simple winter makeup look:

The Small Things Blog has a video of her winter makeup routine. She has a wonderfully warm conversational style while explaining each step, how to apply and what each does for your face, and products used. (I love the pop of red with her lip color which can easily take a neutral look into evening)

VerilyMag.com has an Easy, Natural Makeup Look Is Perfect For the Winter. “Berry-toned lipstick and earthy brown eye shadow make a perfect pair with their rich tones and will create a fresh and youthful glow. Subtle enough for day and sophisticated enough for night, this look will highlight your natural beauty all winter long.” With only 7 steps and 6 products this look is easy enough for everyday but with enough color to keep you from looking washed out on the dreariest of days.

What is your favorite look? Do you have a go-to product to keep you looking bright in winter? Comment below and don’t forget to check out my other Beauty posts.

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