It’s Swim Season! How to Get the Most Out of The Season

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It’s Swim Season! How to Get the Most Out of The Season

Swimming is a great way to get exercise. It is low impact but you can also get a wonderful cardio workout.

I love swimming laps, it’s my daily workout but some people have asked how can you swim back and forth over and over again and not be bored out of your mind. The answer: a waterproof MP3 player.

I’ve listened to hours of music, audiobooks, podcasts and anything else that can be transferred to MP3 format.

Years ago there were very few waterproof MP3 options but now there are lots of options.

The two players I’m familiar with are the Speedo Aquabeat and Diver MP3.

There are players with LCD displays, with AM/FM radio options and more but I have no personal experience with them.

One downside of waterproof MP3 players is their very short life. Players usually give out after a year or two so your best bet is to get a warranty through a company such as Squaretrade. I’ve made several claims and have never had a problem with receiving my funds.

Headphones have an even shorter life. I go through at least two pairs during my 5-6 month swim season. You can buy off brand headphones from retailers such as Amazon but the cheapest source I’ve found is Ebay, and at those prices, I can have a pair on hand as backup.

An alternative to a waterproof MP3 player is waterproof Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are widely available but their IP or Ingress Protection ratings can vary. If you’re going to be immersed in water be sure to look for IP7 or IP8.

IP7 is up to 1 meter immersion for 30 minutes while IP8 is immersion 1 meter + and continuous duration. (Source:

ALWAYS check with the manufacturer as to their interpretation of the IP rating system. I’ve seen headphones that say they are IP7, which means they should withstand immersion up to 1m, but are only sweatproof, not waterproof.

Prices can vary dramatically from $20 to $30 to over $70. On Amazon I found a pair under $10 that is rated IPX7.

However, if you’re a serious swimmer, this is probably not the solution for you as water interferes with reception. If your head is below the water you are going to lose your connection. Another drawback is the maximum range. If you’re more than 30 feet away from your phone you are going to lose your connection.

But if you’re in a smallish pool, if you’re just floating around on a lounger Bluetooth headphones might be the thing for you.

What do I listen to?

Music, audiobooks and podcasts.

Where do I get them? Mostly I use free sources. I get free music through Freegal at my public library and audiobooks through Overdrive and Hoopla. You can also listen to podcasts. My MP3 player doesn’t interface with iTunes but the music is easily transferrable with your computer.

What are the downsides to swimming? Chlorine.

Spending time in a chlorine filled pool has its drawbacks and the blog has a wonderfully informative post about the downside of chlorine and how to mitigate its effects.

I personally used the DIY After Swim Chlorine wash all last season and it made a world of difference to my skin.

What are your tips and tricks for getting the most out of your swimming pool?

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